About Us

Who are we? What is the Kontaktparty? Why are we organizing it?

We are currently a team of 8 dedicated Computer Science students at ETH Zurich ranging from second year Bachelor to Master's students.

The goal of the Kontaktparty is to establish the first contact between Computer Science students/graduates (mainly from ETH) and potential employers in a relaxed atmosphere. Companies can take the opportunity to introduce themselves to Computer Science students and get to know students as a foundation to fill job positions.

Additionally, we organize complementary events (side-events) such as CV-checks and interview training shortly before the Kontaktparty takes place. Another event is startups@KP, a special opportunity for startups.

Every Kontaktparty we also publish a fair guide with portraits from all participating companies which can be viewed as a "Who-is-Who"-List of the Swiss IT industry.

The Team behind the Kontaktparty

We are the team that makes the VIS Kontaktparty possible.

The Kontaktparty Committee is the team behind this event. We are part of the VIS, the association of Computer Science, Data Science, and Computational Biology and Bioinformatics students at ETH Zurich. Each year we plan the company fair, support the companies with the registration process and the event itself and as such offer a great view on potential employers for our students.

Joel Bucher

joel.bucher [at] kontaktparty.ethz.ch

Alexander Schlieper

alexander.schlieper [at] kontaktparty.ethz.ch

Fiona Pichler

Editorial Staff
fiona.pichler [at] kontaktparty.ethz.ch

Cashen Adkins

Head of Staff
cashen.adkins [at] kontaktparty.ethz.ch

Alexander Staikov

alexander.staikov [at] kontaktparty.ethz.ch

Nishanth Kumar

Side Events
nishanth.kumar [at] kontaktparty.ethz.ch

Konstantin Sturm

konstantin.sturm [at] kontaktparty.ethz.ch

Kamelia Ivanova

kamelia.ivanova [at] kontaktparty.ethz.ch

Konstantin Wohlwend

konstantin.wohlwend [at] kontaktparty.ethz.ch

Alexander Frey

alexander.frey [at] kontaktparty.ethz.ch